Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Create Pivot Table using Excel VBA

Macro to Create a Pivot Table from New Pivot Cache

Sub Create_Pivot_Table_From_Cache()

Dim oPC As PivotCache

Dim oPT As PivotTable

Dim oWS As Worksheet

oWS = ActiveSheet

oPC = ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(xlDatabase, oWS.UsedRange)

oPT = oPC.CreatePivotTable(oWS.[D20], "Pivot From Cache", True)

oPT.AddFields(oPT.PivotFields("Item").Name, oPT.PivotFields("Customer").Name)

oPT.AddDataField(oPT.PivotFields("Qty"), "Quantity", xlSum)

End Sub

PivotCache represents the collection of memory caches from the PivotTable reports in a workbook. Each memory cache is represented by a PivotCache object. The above example creates a pivotcache from existing data and then using the cache a pivot table is created

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  1. its not working....it shows a syntax error in line

    oPT.AddFields(oPT.PivotFields("Item").Name, oPT.PivotFields("Customer").Name)
    oPT.AddDataField(oPT.PivotFields("Qty"), "Quantity", xlSum)

    hav you got any solution for that

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I noticed something about that when I was reading. Is it because it simply says AddFields, and not AddColumnField or something like that?

  3. Anonymous5:39 AM

    The SET statements have been omitted before variables are assigned to the objects oWS, oPC and oPT

  4. Anonymous5:35 AM

    The bracketing is wrong. Input the set statements as above and use the below code.

    oPT.AddFields (oPT.PivotFields("Item").Name), oPT.PivotFields("Customer").Name
    oPT.AddDataField (oPT.PivotFields("Quantity")), "Qty", xlSum


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